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4100 Clear Moisture Blocking Clear Epoxy Flooring Primer-Sealer

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4100 Moisture-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer

As a concrete floor coating installer, you know the importance of protecting against moisture vapor emissions (MVE) and moisture vapor transmission (MVT). Few things can damage a concrete floor installation the way that MVE and MVT can. That’s why so many professional installers have started using the 4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer from Garage Coatings.com.

This two-part epoxy primer and sealer is a low-odor, low-volatility solution that dramatically reduce MVE levels, improving the integrity and durability of any concrete floor.

In addition to priming and sealing concrete floors, 4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer can also be used beneath the following flooring types to limit the effects of MVE damage:

  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Other moisture-sensitive flooring types

Powerful MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant

The 4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer is a powerful MVE blocker that works well on almost any concrete surface. Our 4100 product works by penetrating into concrete to create an MVE blocking barrier. This barrier is so powerful that we’ve seen cases where 15 lbs. of MVE were reduced to a mere 2 lbs., simply by using 4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer.

Low-Odor, Low-Volatility, Easy to Install

Professional installers love using our 4100 product, which is easy to install and adaptable to different environments. 4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer is a low-odor product with no flammable chemicals or vapors. Because of this, you can apply this sealant without disrupting nearby work areas or other parts of your installation process. It’s also adaptive to different environments and work conditions, and can even be applied to wet or damp concrete with no performance issues.

Use as Primer or Sealant for Concrete

4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer is an adaptable product with a range of different applications. It can be used as a primer for other epoxy coatings, such as our 4195 Direct-to-Concrete Epoxy, our Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake system, and our Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy system. It can also be used as a standalone moisture-blocking sealant, drying clear to give concrete a glossy, “wet look” appearance.

Whichever way it’s used, 4100 will give your floor the MVE-blocking protection you need as a professional installer. Place your order today and see results on your next installation.

Features & Advantages:

  • Wicks deep into concrete floors
  • Use over new or old concrete
  • Bonds to damp concrete floor surfaces
  • Locks down moisture vapor emissions and odors
  • Cures under cool or wet conditions
  • Can be accelerated
  • 100% Solids, 1g/L VOC
  • Low odor
  • Clear glossy finish

Where Used:

  • Concrete floors that have a moisture problem
  • Over damp concrete
  • Moisture blocker beneath wood, laminate or resilient flooring
  • Residential garage floors
  • Decorative concrete floors
  • Commercial concrete floors
  • Industrial flooring
  • Any other surface that requires MVE-blocking epoxy floor sealant
  • Garage Floor with MVE-Blocking Sealant
  • Grocery Store with Moisture-Blocking Concrete Floor Sealer
  • Garage with Concrete Floor Sealant
  • Garage Floor with Epoxy Sealant
  • Man Installing Epoxy Floor Sealant
  • Man Installing Two-Part Epoxy Sealer

Here is a nice testimonial we received on our 4100 Moisture Blocking Epoxy.


Quick email to send you a pic of a recent install we did in a utility room of a 19K square foot home….stuff works great! Was wondering how this product does on exterior applications that are exposed to the elements. We have a small, 50 sq. breezeway in between two garages that was stained by previous contractors. Because this is a 100% solids product, I am afraid it will amber over time, correct? Please let me know your thoughts as I love this product, but wondering how it will do for an exterior application.”


Greg S.
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