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Polyurea Pigment Pack use 16oz per mixed 2 Gal of 5108, 5073, 5325 or 5350

  • SKU: 50-P
  • 22.5 USD$22.50


5108 Polyaspartic is formulated using the latest Polyaspartic technology.  This next generation Polyaspartic provides walk on times of 2 hours and it has up to 4X more abrasion resistance than a standard Epoxy. We have reduced the viscosity down to levels comparable to a medium solids CRU while opening the potlife up to 45 minutes, giving the applicator plenty of time to get down an even coat over the floor surface. Use 5108 when you need a faster turnaround time, you can install it at temperatures ranging from 30-100 Degrees Fahrenheit..

If you are sealing decorative concrete then you should look at using the 5205 Hybrid Primer (it dries in 30 minutes) and then use 5108 as the final Topcoat. This combination provides a fantastic looking finish that can be used outside or inside. Use 5018 Polyaspartic over Flaked Garage Floors, Stained Concrete, Microtoppings and Stamped Concrete.

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