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1 Day Epoxy Garage Flooring and Cabinet Training Class

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One-Day Flooring Basics Training Classes

The design of the class comes from a multitude of fieldexperience from those that have done the real thing foryears. It is important that a large focus is on the real andactual do’s and dont’s to help your success in the realworld! It is full of energy, fun but also about accomplishingthe importance of the application techniques and productquality. We ask that you jump in and feel the products foryour selves to really understand the application processes.It is a full field day, so be prepared to bring note pads andsome clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in!

During the 1 Day Flooring Basics Workshop, we will cover:

In our one-day flooring basics training, we will cover our 1 and 2 Day Roll on Rock® 4195 system with “Wicking Technology” and our most popular 5073 Polyurea / Polyaspartic Topcoat along with our 5197 and 5100 Ultra-High Solids Low Odor Polyaspartic Clear Topcoats. Our 1-day system can be installed in a just few hours providing you the best adhesion possible with our wicking epoxy and the fast drying topcoat of our Polyurea and Polyaspartics. We will demonstrate the best methods to use for our 5400 Water based Urethane and 5410 Pigmented Water based Urethane as well as concrete floor prep, mixing, crack repair pros and cons, sales & marketing and a Garage Storage Cabinet overview & assembly. Our wide range of clear topcoats and garage storage cabinets alone will leave you with a sense of how much opportunity there is for profit in the garage. We will also cover Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy & Garage Cabinet installation. We do not issue refunds for the training class. We will apply it as a credit to another class.

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1 Day Schedule

  7:30am – 3:30pm

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Thanks Jimmy for presenting such an excellent class! Totally hands-on. Totally informative. And totally awesome! You, Fernando and Steven are an amazing team. Platinum Floor Coatings is looking forward to sharing some new ideas in design with our customers here in Houston.

Thanks again,

Frank Tritico
Platinum Floor Coatings


How are you my friend! Hope you enjoyed your vacation! First I want to say thank you very much for awesome training and awesome experience! You and Fernando were both great and very knowledgable! I couldn't have asked for a better 2 days of training and learned a ton! As far as the photos if you have a thumb drive to spare great! You can place the pictures on a thumb drive if not I will mail you a thumb drive to place the pictures on and then you can mail it back to me. I will be out of the country until February 1st so when I come back I can send you the thumb drive. Again thank you for everything! ”


Terrence Moore


Had a great time on Friday at your training seminar. Over the years I've been to many, many but yours was by far the best. Great presentation! I really want to come back and check out your overlays. They were very impressive. I believe that will be in March. I'll keep in touch.”

Thanks again,

Jeff Peterson
Concrete Custom Designs
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