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Eco Concrete Profiler User Friendly Concrete Etcher

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Eco Concrete Profiler

Eco Concrete Profiler is an eco-friendly concrete profile and concrete etcher. This safe and easy to use concrete profiler is the perfect alternative to concrete acid etchers. In a matter of minutes, you can give any concrete surface a new and attractive finish, all without the dangers and damage of acid etching. This water-based, biodegradable solution is not only far safer than acid-based concrete etchers, it’s actually more effective as a concrete resurfacing and etching agent.

Use to Etch, Roughen, Clean and Profile Concrete

Eco Concrete Profiler has a wide range of uses. It’s the perfect product for professional contractors who work with decorative concrete materials and for homeowners who have a concrete garage floor, patio, or porch. Whether you’re looking to etch, roughen, refinish, or clean concrete, this product will be an essential part of your toolkit.

Eco Concrete Profiler can be used as a:

  • Non-acidic concrete etcher. Use Eco Concrete profiler to give any concrete surface an acid-etch appearance in mere minutes, without the use of harmful phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, or muriatic acid.
  • Concrete cleaning product. Use this product to clean and resurface concrete. With it, you can easily remove dirt, clay, mortar deposits, rust, and efflorescence from a wide range of surfaces, including concrete floors, masonry, cinder blocks, and grout.
  • Pre-treatment for concrete coatings. Eco Concrete Profiler offers the perfect pre-treatment for concrete flooring installations. Use it to roughen the surface of concrete to improve adhesion and penetration by concrete epoxies, polyaspartic coatings, and concrete sealers.

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Concrete Etching

Unlike most concrete profilers and concrete etchers, the Eco Concrete Profiler is 100% safe for the environment. Its water-based formula uses a proprietary blend of surfactants and organic minerals to make eco-friendly etching and profiling possible. Thanks to this formula, Eco Concrete Profiler is completely biodegradable with zero harmful agents or additives, meaning it can come into contact with plant life without causing any damage or lasting harm to plants or soil.

Safe and User-Friendly Concrete Profiler

Eco Concrete Profiler isn’t just safe for the environment — it’s also safe for installers, as well as easy to use. Unlike acid-based concrete etchers, it will not cause serious harm, burns, or scarring if it comes in contact with skin.

A single gallon of Eco Concrete Profiler covers up to 300 square feet of concrete. The formula works instantly on contact, taking from one to fifteen minutes to etch, clean, or resurface concrete, depending on conditions. With a one-step application process, Eco Concrete Profiler is as easy to apply as it is effective, making it the perfect choice for everyone from DIY homeowners to professional contractors.

Place your order today to use Eco Concrete Profiler in your next concrete etching, cleaning, or resurfacing project.

  • Concrete before and after using Eco Concrete Profiler
  • Woman applying Eco Concrete Profiler for concrete cleaning
  • Spray application of Eco Concrete Profiler for concrete etching
  • Use of Eco Concrete Profiler for cleaning concrete
  • Concrete porch finished using Eco Concrete Profiler
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