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5108 High Solids Fast Drying Clear Polyaspartic Flooring Topcoat

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5108 High-Solids, Fast-Drying Polyaspartic Coating/Topcoat

Deliver a high-quality, abrasion-resistant finish to your next concrete flooring installation with Garage Coatings.com’s 5108 High-Solids, Fast-Drying Polyaspartic Coating/Topcoat. This exclusive product has a workable pot-life of 45 minutes, but offers an extremely low walk-on time of only two hours. Combining high-quality results with an ultra-low turnaround time, the 5108 Polyaspartic Coating is an indispensable option for any professional installer.

The Next Generation of Polyaspartic Coatings

Our 5108 formula is a next generation polyaspartic coating. We’ve created this product using the latest polyaspartic technology. It is specially formulated to deliver previously unheard of performance.

With our 5108 High-Solids, Fast-Drying Polyaspartic Coating/Topcoat, you get a polyaspartic topcoat that delivers:

  • Ease of Application. Despite its high-solids formula, 5108 Polyaspartic Coating can be applied with the ease and smoothness of a low-viscosity coating.
  • High Solids. Our 5108 product uses a near total-solids formulation, resulting in a high-quality finish that produces minimal contraction when drying.
  • Workable Pot-Life. The 5108 coating/topcoat has one of the longest pot-life times of any fast-drying product, lasting for 45 minutes.
  • Fast Drying Time. After installation, a floor can be walked on within only two hours of application. Use this product whenever fast turnaround is needed.
  • Abrasion Resistance. When dry, the 5108 Polyaspartic Coating/Topcoat has up to four times the abrasion resistance of a standard concrete epoxy coating.
  • Glossy Appearance. Using this product as the topcoat on your flooring installations results in a high-gloss, “wet look” appearance.

The Perfect Topcoat for Epoxy Flooring Installations

The 5108 Polyaspartic Coating/Topcoat is an excellent choice to seal practically any epoxy flooring installation, from standard epoxy coatings to decorative installations. Thanks to its glossy appearance and excellent abrasion resistance, our 5108 topcoat will help seal, enhance, and preserve the appearance of your flooring installations.

If you are applying a topcoat to a decorative flooring installation, we suggest combining our 5205 Hybrid Primer with the 5108 Polyaspartic Coating. Apply the 5205 primer first and wait 30 minutes for it to dry, then apply the 5108 topcoat overtop. This delivers a high-end finish that can be used inside or outside. The 5108 Polyaspartic Coating can be applied as a standalone topcoat over flaked garage floors, stained concrete, microtoppings, or stamped concrete.

Give your next concrete flooring installation the glossy, abrasion-resistant finish it deserves with our 5108 High-Solids, Fast-Drying Polyaspartic Coating/Topcoat.

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