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5073 Polyurea 10 Gal Kit

  • SKU: 5073-000-2
  • 1128.77 USD$1,128.77

5073 Fast-Drying Polyurea Coating Topcoat/Sealer

5073 Hybrid Ultra-Fast Drying Flooring Primer-Clear Seal Topcoat

5073 Polyurea Coating: Fast Drying Clear Concrete Floor Topcoat Sealer

Our High Solids 5073 Polyurea coating has been formulated to be one of the easiest Polyurea’s to apply by roller and brush, making it the ideal topcoat to use over a variety of Concrete Floor Coatings. We have formulated extra potlife into the Clear Polyurea Flooring Topcoat and Sealer system. We recently released a Retarder that will extend the potlife to offer even more potlife when needed.

Number One Choice for Over Garage Floors, Commercial Flooring and Industrial Floors

The 5073 Clear Polyurea Flooring Coating/Sealer is the most popular clear topcoat that we have. It is widely used over our Roll on Rock® Flaked Epoxy Flooring System that is designed to be used over concrete floors. It is also widely used as a protective topcoat over bare concrete floors, stained concrete floors, commercial and industrial concrete floors and decorative concrete floors. The water clear high gloss and high build film of the 5073 provides a beautiful topcoat finish that will look great for years. The chemical backbone of the 5073 Polyurea coating is designed to be extremely scratch resistant while also having great chemical resistant properties. The scratch resistance built into the clear topcoat will allow it to maintain its gloss for a longer period of time when compared to other concrete floor coating products. 5073 is resistant to deterioration by ultra violet rays emitted by sunlight or high intensity lighting systems.

5073 Abrasion Test

Easily Applied to Decorative Concrete Floors

We have reduced the 5073 Polyurea Clear Coat viscosity down to levels comparable to a medium solids CRU (chemical resistant urethane). The benefits of this is that the Polyurea Floor Sealer/Coating is easier to install, has more pot life, cures to a hard film faster (dries in 2-3 hours) and is suitable for exterior exposure without yellowing. The only drawback is that 5073 Flooring Polyurea is considered combustible and its use should be restricted to well ventilated areas.

Fast Turn Around Time

Use 5073 Polyurea Clear Floor Seal/Coating when you need a faster turnaround time so you can get that coated concrete floor back in service fast. If you are sealing decorative concrete floors then you should look at using the 5205 Hybrid Ultra-Fast Drying Concrete Flooring Primer (it dries in 1 hour) and the 5073 Topcoat. This combination provides a fantastic high build looking finish that can be used outside or inside. Use it over Stained Concrete, Decorative Microtoppings and Stamped Concrete.

Features and Advantages:

  • Dries Quick
  • High Solids
  • Non Yellowing
  • Extremely Fast Drying
  • Can be Retarded for more Pot-Life
  • Penetrates Deep Into Porous Concrete
  • Provides an extremely "Wet Look"
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Resistant to most Chemicals
  • High Build Finish
  • Will Cure At Temperatures Just Above Freezing
  • Excellent UV Resistance 

Where Used:

  • Garage Concrete Floors
  • Industrial Concrete Floors
  • Commercial Concrete Floors
  • Retail Flooring
  • Over Decorative Concrete Floors
  • Service Bay Concrete Floors
  • Aircraft Hanger Concrete Floors
  • Commercial Kitchen Concrete Floors
  • Locker Room Concrete Floors
  • Retail Concrete Flooring
  • Chemical Process Facilities Concrete Flooring
  • Anywhere else that could benefit from a polyurea coating


5073 Polyurea 10 Gal Kit Fast Drying High Solids Clear Polyurea Flooring Topcoat
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