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4920 Polyurea Joint Filler 600ml Dual Cartidge Tube

  • SKU: 4920
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Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler

Joints between concrete slabs are one of the most vulnerable areas in any concrete flooring installation. That’s especially true when it comes to heavy-duty, industrial facilities with heavy machinery traffic. Without a proper concrete expansion joint filler, these joints are highly vulnerable to spalling, chipping, cracking, and stress when exposed to traffic from forklifts and other heavy vehicles.

The solution? 4920 Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler from Garage Coatings.com. This easy-to-apply, semi-rigid, polyurea-based product offers the perfect joint filler balance of rigidity and elasticity. This gives concrete joints the strength they need to prevent damage, while keeping the joint filler flexible enough to avoid cracks and splitting.

Protect Concrete Joints from Damage

Concrete joints are an essential tool for preventing surface cracks in concrete. But the edges of gaps left behind by joint sawcutting can be vulnerable to damage. This is especially true when heavy, hard-wheel vehicles like forklifts drive over top of them. Without a supporting material inside the gap, surface concrete at the edge of a joint can begin to crack and splinter, creating ugly spalling problems.

This can be solved with an effective concrete expansion joint filler. By filling this gap, a strong joint filler provides joint edges with the support they need to withstand heavy traffic. This maintains the appearance and integrity of the floor and prevents unsupported joint edges from suffering damage when exposed to forklifts or other heavy vehicles.

4920 Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler

When searching for a concrete expansion joint filler, you need a product that has enough rigidity to keep joints strong, but also enough elasticity to avoid cracks or splitting. With the 4920 Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler, you get a semi-rigid polyurea-based product with the strength you need to support joint edges. But you also get a flexible, polymer backbone that ensures long-lasting durability and performance.

4920 Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler comes with a host of other advantages. With a 100% solids formula, you never need to worry about contraction issues during curing. Its fast curing time means that it can be applied with minimal downtime. And thanks to its zero V.O.C. and low-odor mixture, the 4920 Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler can be applied safely in any facility.

Prevent concrete joint damage by using the 4920 Polyurea Concrete Expansion Joint Filler in your next project.

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