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4800 1.5 Gal Kit Low Yellowing Clear Industrial 100% Solids Epoxy Flooring

  • SKU: 4800-000-1N
  • 115.71 USD$115.71

4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Our 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is a high-quality, economical resin epoxy flooring system. It offers the attractive, high-gloss finish of commercial-quality epoxy along with the strength and durability associated with industrial-grade epoxy. This makes it the perfect choice for almost any indoor space. Available in a range of colors and in low-yellowing options, the 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is one of our most popular epoxy flooring products.

100% Solids Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

The 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is a 100% solids epoxy coating that offers easy application and high-quality results. Available in a range of different formulations, our 4800 line includes options for lower and higher viscosity applications, improved air release, faster curing, and UV resistance. 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is also available in both high-gloss clear and high-gloss pigmented colors, giving you full flexibility when it comes to your floor’s appearance. All of our 4800 formulations are abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant.

Low-Yellowing Coatings Limit UV Coloration

Our 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating options include low-yellowing options that limit the impact of indoor lighting and UV exposure. The low-yellowing formulation of our 4800 product is perfect for both indoor spaces and is highly resistant to discoloration from indoor lighting, helping your floor retain a water-clear finish. Our low-yellowing formulation is not recommended for outdoor spaces or areas that receive heavy amounts of sunlight.

Offers Low-Build to High-Build Finish

Garage Coatings.com’s 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating can be applied to create a low-build or high build finish. It is often used as an economical option to create an intermediate build over flake flooring systems, making it easy to create a smooth, even finish.

4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating can also be used to give a medium-build to high-build finish over other epoxy systems, decorative flooring overlays, and a wide range of other flooring styles.

Used as an Economical Build Coat over Flake

4800 clear is widely accepted for use as an intermediate build coat over flake systems to give a smooth finish by coatings applicators. When used this way, be sure to terminate the 4800 at the door edge. Do not go onto exterior surface or it will yellow.

Application Designs:

  • Monolithic pigmented flooring
  • Flake systems (faux terrazzo)
  • Quartz system flooring
  • Non-skid binding
  • Self-leveling resurfacers (when bulked with flour marble or silica)

Features and advantages:

  • Low-yellowing b component available
  • 4800hd b component available
  • Low to high film build possible
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Durable physical properties
  • Easy application parameters
  • Wide coloration pallet possible
  • High gloss blush free finish
  • Cures well down to 55 F
  • Reduced maintenance schedule
  • Custom colors packs available

Where Used:

  • Service bay concrete floors
  • Aircraft hangar concrete floors
  • Commercial kitchen concrete floors
  • Locker room concrete floors
  • Retail concrete flooring
  • Chemical process facilities concrete flooring


4800 Epoxy
Physical Properties
Tests Done at 70 Degrees
Fahrenheit with 1/2 Pint Mass
Pot Life 40 minutes
Gel Time 45 minutes
Through Dry (Hours) 8
VOC 2 g/l
Percent Solids 99/Wt. 99/Vol.
Flammable No
Odor Low
Pencil Hardness H-2H
UV Resistance Poor
Non Yellowing: Poor
Abrasion Resistance OK
Hot Tire
Chemical Resistance
Acetone No Effect
Xylene No Effect
10% HCL No Effect
Ammonia No Effect
Degreaser Faint Spotting
Liquid Plumber Faint Spotting
Vinegar Faint Spotting
Clorox No Effect
Windex No Effect
Motor Oil No Effect
Gasoline No Effect
4800 1.5 Gal Kit Non Yellowing Clear Industrial 100% Solids Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Application
  • Industrial Concrete Epoxy With Checkerboard Pattern
  • High-Gloss Epoxy Finish
  • Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Glossy Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Aircraft on Epoxy Concrete Floor
  • White Room with Epoxy Concrete Floor and Signage
  • Tire Warehouse with Concrete Floor Epoxy
  • Service Bay with Epoxy Concrete Floor
  • Service Bay with Concrete Epoxy Coating
  • Lobby with Checkerboard Concrete Epoxy Installation
  • Concrete Epoxy Floor Installation
  • High-Gloss Concrete Epoxy Coating
  • Industrial Space with Concrete Epoxy Coating
  • Garage Floor with Pigmented Epoxy Coating
  • Facility with Concrete Coating Installation
  • Industrial Facility with Epoxy Concrete Coating
  • New Industrial Epoxy Concrete Coating
  • New Industrial Concrete Epoxy Floor
  • Service Bay with Concrete Epoxy Coating
  • Room with Epoxy Coating - Checkerboard Pattern
  • Industrial-Strength Epoxy Floor Coating
  • New Installation of Epoxy Floor
  • Kitchen with Epoxy Concrete Floor
  • Furniture Showroom with Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Decorative Industrial Flooring with Epoxy Coating
  • Men Installing an Industrial Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Men Installing an Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Industrial Concrete Floor with Reflection of Lights
  • Red and White Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating
  • Home Auto Showroom with Epoxy Floor
  • Large Industrial Facility with Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Large Facility with White Epoxy Floor Coating
  • White Interior with Concrete Epoxy Floor
  • Auto Service Center with Concrete Epoxy Flooring
  • Workshop with Epoxy Garage Floor
  • Tesla Electric Cars and Epoxy Garage Floor
  • Basement with Epoxy Concrete Floor
  • Residence with White Concrete Floor Coating
  • Concrete Floor with Glossy Topcoat
  • Workshop with Decorative Epoxy Floor
  • Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Over Concrete
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Mid-Installation
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Near End of Installation
  • Auto Service Center with Concrete Epoxy Floors
  • Black and White Checkerboard Concrete Epoxy Coating
  • Checkerboard Garage Floor Coating with Car
  • High-Gloss Epoxy Flooring
  • Residence Kitchen and Living Area with White Concrete Epoxy Floors
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