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3750 Gloss Floor Wax 1 Gal

  • SKU: 3750G-01
  • 36.63 USD$36.63

Tough Floor Wax Designed to Work Over Our Coatings

3750 Floor Wax is a tough and flexible cross-linked acrylic, formulated to dry to a brilliant gloss finish. It does not require buffing to bring out a shine, however, buffing as a part of regular maintenance prolongs the life of the floor. 3750 Floor Wax's advanced technology replaces most conventional waxes. It is designed as a maintenance floor finish and requires scheduled maintenance procedures. The static coefficient of friction was measured by the James Machine in accordance with ASTM D2047-82, 3750 Floor Wax receiving a rating of .76. Worn-out traffic areas can be recoated at anytime without stripping and recoating. Removal of finish is easy when the floor is stripped with an active amine or ammoniated floor stripper.

Do a small test in an inconspicuous area before the project starts to assure compatibility of all product. Read all instructions, warnings, and limited liability, on all product labels and technical data sheets before using VBP Products. For professional use only. Do not use in kitchens or areas that will have pounding water or whitening can occur.

  • Long lasting, deep lustrous gloss
  • Non-yellowing, detergent resistant
  • Non-Powdering, slip resistant
  • Resist soils, black marks, scuffs
  • Acts as a sealer and finish in one
  • Economical, easy to use, very versatile
  • Conventional high-speed burnishing
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