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Urethane Floor Coating Products

Urethane Coating Products

At Garage Coatings.com, our urethane coating products offer industrial and commercial concrete floors a durable, long-lasting, and attractive finish. With our industrial-strength 5300 line of chemical-resistant urethane coatings, concrete floors are protected under heavy-duty conditions. Meanwhile, our 5400 line of waterbase chemical resistant urethanes offer a high-solid, low V.O.C. solution that’s perfect for nearly anywhere concrete flooring is found.

5300 Series Chemical Resistant Urethane Coatings

If you’re looking for a urethane concrete coating for a heavy-traffic, industrial concrete floor coatings, our 5325 and 5350 urethane coatings are exactly what you need. Our 5300 series chemical resistant urethanes offer a high-gloss appearance that can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty industrial facilities. These urethanes have been formulated to withstand traffic from heavy machinery and are resistant to most chemicals.

Formulated at below 50 and 250 V.O.C. levels, our 5300 series products are easy to clean and easy to install. They can be used as a topcoat for other concrete coating systems or as a standalone sealant. These products are great for garage floor coatings, wastewater treatment plants, aircraft hangars, manufacturing floor areas, power utilities, pulp and paper plants, service bays, petroleum refineries, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical facilities.

5400 Series Waterbase Chemical Resistant Urethanes

For residential, commercial expoy flooring, and low-traffic industrial floors, Garage Coatings.com offers our 5400 line of waterbase chemical resistant urethanes. This series of waterbase urethanes offers the high-gloss appearance, long life, and easy maintenance of solvent-based urethanes, but with none of the “gassing out” issues that waterbase urethanes were once known for. Our waterbase urethanes contain none of the odors that come with solvent-based urethanes, making them a particularly attractive option for commercial and retail facilities.

Both of our 5400 line products have a V.O.C. level below 50. Available in high-gloss clear and high-gloss pigmented options, these waterbase urethane coatings are the perfect choice for the professional installer. As with our 5300 line of urethanes, 5400 series urethanes are easy to clean and easy to install. They can be used over residential flooring, commercial flooring, retail flooring, light-traffic industrial flooring, and as a topcoat for decorative concrete systems.

Browse our 5300 series chemical resistant urethane coatings and 5400 series waterbase chemical resistant urethane coatings below to find the right coating for your next project.

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