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Samples/Sales Literature

As a professional installer, it’s not enough just to stock the best product, you also need the right sales materials to make sure that your clients can see the quality of your stock and your work. Thankfully, that’s never an issue when you choose GarageCoatings.com as your supplier. Our samples and sales literature will give your customers a complete sense of our garage coatings and designs, from the heavy-duty quality of our 4195 epoxy to the beautiful finish provided by our Roll on Rock® and Lava Flow® epoxy products.

Show Customers Options for Garage Coatings and Designs

Our product samples and sales literature make it easy for you to show off the extraordinary quality of garage coatings and designs from GarageCoatings.com. We offer presentation boards, sample rings, and even sample cabinets to give your customers a full sense of what you can provide them with.

For garage coatings and designs, we offer samples of all of our most popular products, including:

  • Roll on Rock ® . Show off the exceptional results produced by our innovative Roll on Rock® product line, an affordable and durable way to achieve a stone-like appearance on any concrete floor.
  • Lava Flow ® . Give customers a glimpse at the showroom-quality results offered by our Lava Flow® metallic epoxy, a high-durability garage coating and design product with a gorgeous pearlescent finish.
  • Liquid Diamonds. Display the brilliant finish offered by our Liquid Diamond system, which adds extraordinary luster and sparkle without sacrificing strength and durability.
  • Brindle Flake. Our brindle flake garage coating and design samples give customers a look at the natural-look finish offered by our brindle flake system, which produces an effect similar to marble or granite.

In addition to our garage coating and design samples, we also offer samples of our garage storage solutions. These include sample rings for the materials and finishes used in our slatwall system and our garage cabinets. We also offer sample versions of both these products, including a presentation board for our slatwall system and a small cube cabinet to give customers a look at our high-quality storage solutions.

Show off the extraordinary results delivered by your garage coatings, designs, and storage options. Browse the sales samples below to find the right materials for your business.

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