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Precast Cove Base Systems

SpeedCove Cove Base Molding

With SpeedCove cove base moldings, you can create a seamless transition between any epoxy floor coating and the base molding of surrounding walls. This pre-cast cove base molding system makes floors easy to clean and prevents dirt and bacteria from building up in the cracks that are usually found between floors and base molding. Cove base moldings also protect walls from damage, especially in areas prone to spills, oil puddles, or wet floors.

SpeedCove cove base moldings integrate perfectly with the epoxy flooring systems sold by Garage Coatings.com. Use this easy-to-install system for your next interior floor coating installation to give floors an attractive and flush border.

Pre-Cast Cove Base Molding System

The SpeedCove system has been designed to address many of the issues most commonly found with cove base molding systems. The pre-cast pieces used in this system are engineered for ease-of-installation, ease-of-cleaning, and exceptional durability.

SpeedCove cove base moldings are pre-cast with a streamlined upper edge that prevents dust build-up usually found with base moldings. This eliminates the small “shelf” at the top of the molding where dust is often missed by cleaning crews. SpeedCove moldings also use a QuickSeal Edge™ where they join with the floor, ensuring a smooth transition from floor to molding.

Made of high-quality composite polymer, SpeedCove cove base moldings offer a durable, resilient construction with a surface that’s receptive to epoxy coatings. This polymer is flexible enough to bend around curved surfaces and can be cut to the right length for any specific area, making it easy to install in almost any space.

Easy-to-Install Moldings

Cove base moldings are an indispensable part of any floor coating contractor’s repertoire. With the SpeedCove system, you and your team will be your clients’ one-stop service for any interior floors, without the need for subcontractors. SpeedCove was developed specifically for ease-of-installation, so it can be installed with minimal difficulty by any contractor with access to standard tools and adhesives. 

Use this system to create an attractive, hygienic edge around the floors of indoor pools, bathrooms, change rooms, utility rooms, and other areas that benefit from a water-tight seal between floors and wall moldings.

Choose from the SpeedCove pre-cast cove base molding products below to stock up for your next indoor flooring installation.

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