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Floor Coating Accelerators

Polyurea, Urethane & Epoxy Accelerators

Speed up concrete floor coating installations with our line of floor coating accelerators. Our epoxy accelerators, polyurea accelerators, and urethane accelerators are perfect for professional installers, helping you achieve quicker turnaround time, even at lower temperatures. This saves you time, money, and unnecessary downtime, helping you keep customers happy and projects on schedule. Our accelerators can also be used in DIY installations to lower the cure time on your installation.

41 & 48 Epoxy Accelerators

Our epoxy accelerators make it possible to speed up installations and will ensure a proper cure time in low temperature environments. Our 41 Epoxy Accelerator is designed for our 4100 line of epoxy products, including the 4195 Direct-to-Concrete Epoxy, the 4100 Moisture Blocking Primer/Sealer, and the 4150 Moisture Blocking Primer/Sealer. Our 48 Epoxy Accelerator is designed for use with the 4800 Industrial 100% Solids Epoxy. You can use the 41 and 48 Epoxy Accelerators to achieve a room temperature dry time of two hours under conditions as cold as 37° F.

50 Polyurea Accelerator

The 50 Polyurea Accelerator is compatible with the 5073 Polyurea Fast-Drying High-Solids Clear Polyurea Flooring Topcoat and the 5205 Hybrid Ultra-Fast-Drying Flooring Primer Clear-Seal Topcoat. As with our epoxy accelerators, the 50 Polyurea Accelerator makes it possible to install polyurea topcoats without added drying and curing time due to low temperatures.

53 Urethane Accelerator

Our 53 Urethane Accelerator works with our 5325 250 VOC Clear Chemical Resistant Urethane, a urethane sealer and topcoat ideal for heavy duty facilities. The 53 Urethane Accelerator ensures quick, high-quality results on any industrial urethane topcoat installation. Adding the 53 Urethane Accelerator to the 5325 Urethane will allow quick installation in low-temperature conditions and will maintain the chemical-resistant properties of the 5325 Urethane.

Preferred Accelerators of Professional Epoxy Installers

Our epoxy accelerators, polyurea accelerators, and urethane accelerators are the preferred accelerators of professional floor coating installers — both across America and internationally. Made in the same Anaheim, CA, facility as the rest of our product line, our accelerators deliver top-of-the-line results at affordable, factory-direct prices.

Explore our polyurea, urethane, and epoxy accelerators below to find the right accelerator for your next installation.

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