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Flake/Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Floor & Decorative Coating Products

Nothing can match the attractive, one-of-a-kind appearance of a decorative concrete coating. That’s especially true with Garage Coatings.com products. Whether you’re using Lava Flow® to install a metallic epoxy floor, Roll On Rock® for a flake epoxy installation, or Diamond Crystals for a truly radiant finish, our epoxy flooring systems are as great-looking as they are durable.

At Garage Coatings.com, we sell complete kits for all our major flooring systems, including our Lava Flow® metallic epoxy floor system and Roll On Rock® epoxy flake flooring system.

If you need individual products, such as a Lava Flow® pigment pack or a box of flake for your next Roll On Rock® installation, you can purchase those products individually.

Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy Floor System

If you’re looking to install a metallic epoxy floor, our Lava Flow® system will give you everything you need for stunning results. Lava Flow® uses 4195 Direct-to-Concrete Epoxy to ensure superior adhesion to concrete. The end results are shockingly durable and long-lasting, covered by a Lifetime Adhesion guarantee on professional installations.

Lava Flow® metallic epoxy floors offering a gorgeous, pearlescent appearance. Thanks to the unique flow created by this system, no two floors will ever look exactly the same when Lava Flow® is installed. Lava Flow® is available in nearly twenty different colors, with pigment packs and eFX packs available for your next installation.

Roll On Rock® Flake Epoxy Flooring

Our Roll On Rock® epoxy flake flooring system is one of our most popular decorative flooring products. Like Lava Flow®, it uses 4195 Epoxy as its base coat to achieve rock-solid adhesion. Roll On Rock® also produces a unique floor with every installation — in fact, thanks to our manufacturing process, no two flakes are ever exactly alike.

Individual packages of the flakes used for Roll On Rock® installations are available in 25 lb. and 50 lb. boxes. Flakes are available in a range of chip sizes and can be purchased in color flake and brindle flake patterns.

Other Decorative Epoxy Floor Options

Garage Coatings.com offers a range of decorative flooring options, including mica flakes and our Diamond Crystals system. Whatever flooring system you choose, be sure to choose the right primer, topcoat, and application tools — all of which are also available through our site.

Make your next floor installation stand out. Choose from a Lava Flow® metallic epoxy floor, Roll On Rock® flake flooring, or any of our other decorative flooring products.

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