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Other Decorative Coatings

Give your space an extraordinary floor with a one-of-a-kind look and one-of-kind durability. Our metallic epoxy paints and other decorative garage coating products take flooring solutions to the next level. Whether you’re purchasing one of our Lava Flow® metallic epoxy paint flooring kits or another decorative product, such as our high-quality topcoat, you can count on quality when you choose GarageCoatings.com.

Lava Flow ® Metallic Epoxy Paint

Our premier decorative coating product is our Lava Flow® metallic epoxy paint system. Lava Flow® offers industrial-strength adhesion and durability , combined with a distinguished appearance. This metallic epoxy paint system is easy to install and produces a one-of-a-kind pattern in every space where it is applied. Our metallic epoxy paint is perfect for lobbies, showrooms, and anywhere else that demands a high-class touch. This system comes in eighteen different colors, with options to complement any space or color scheme.

Lava Flow® metallic epoxy paint works best with our 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy, the strongest epoxy of its kind on the market. You can further enhance your metallic epoxy paint installation by applying a polyurea/polyaspartic topcoat , which will improve your floor’s gloss and scuff resistance.

In addition to Lava Flow® metallic epoxy paint, we also offer a number of other decorative coating options. These include “wet look” acrylic sealants, cement color packs, urethane topcoats, and deck paint. Every single one of these products comes with the GarageCoatings.com reputation for strength and quality.

No matter what product you choose, GarageCoatings.com offers exceptional results for a truly exceptional price. That’s because of our factory-direct sales model. All of our decorative products — including Lava Flow® metallic epoxy paint — are produced in our Anaheim, CA, manufacturing facility. When you order from GarageCoatings.com, your order is shipped directly from this same facility, ensuring you never pay the inflated price that you’d find with a middleman supplier.

It’s this commitment to quality and fair pricing that has made us the supplier of choice for countless American contractors and homeowners. If you operate a flooring installation business, you’ll not only love our lifetime adhesion warranty, you’ll also love the added discounts that we offer to professional installers through our customer rewards program.

Explore our product options below and discover why GarageCoatings.com is America’s choice for high-quality metallic epoxy paint and other decorative coatings.

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