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Epoxy Floor Training

Our training course gives installers the skills they need to produce exceptional results with a wide range of products from garagecoatings.com, including epoxy flooring, garage storage cabinets and overhead Storage Racks. We also teach skills that professional installers can use to help build their businesses.

Garage Coatings.com Epoxy Floor Training

Training courses with Versatile Building Products take place at our Anaheim, CA, warehouse and shipping center. In our 60,000 sqft facility we have over 5,000 sq. ft. of dedicated indoor space set up for our training lessons and a range of professional-grade materials and tools that trainees will have the chance to use in the training. We offer training for small groups and companies. Our training programs are offered in both English and Spanish for companies with bilingual staffs.

We will cover everything from testing the concrete prior to Installation for moisture Issue’s. The correct preparation on the concrete. Whether just cleaning the concrete, Etching the Concrete or Grinding the concrete. Then applying the all-important Clear Coats. From which products to use. How much product you will need and more importantly the Why and Why nots of the installation process.

With a bunch of Installation tips to make the whole process easier from the first installation onwards. All of the garage flooring products are Residential, Commercial and Industrial Grade products formulated by former Installers to be the most user friendly products on the market.

GarageCoatings.com offers a 1-day training with enough information and hands-on participation where you will be confident enough to do your own floor the very next day.

  • 1-Day Training. Appropriate for professionals performing basic installations and for epoxy floor DIY installers. We cover our most popular methods, systems, and products, including concrete prep, 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy, Roll on Rock®, Lava Flow®, and garage cabinets

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn more about garage flooring installations and what you can do as an epoxy floor DIY or professional installer. Click on either of the seminar options below to check availability and book your training seminar.

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